Skylines Academy

Skylines Academy gives people the depth of knowledge they need to get cloud technology certifications which have a high-demand for professional careers in the job market. Our goal is to always bring you the most up-to-date material needed to not only pass certification exams, but gain the real-world experience necessary to excel in your IT career, putting you in the driver’s seat. During each of our courses, Skylines Academy instructors will lead you through a series of sections, modules, and demos to prepare you for taking and ultimately passing exams.

Technology is increasingly becoming a way of life, a way of work, a way in which we move forward faster. With our team’s combined experience in cloud technologies, working with customers in IT on the day-to-day, enabling them to use powerful platforms to deliver services faster, we realized there’s a gap: Education! Our on-demand certification courses were created on the basis that we could help people to become empowered by learning technology themselves, rather than having someone else tell them what to do. 

To date we have a growing portfolio of courses which focus on Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, HashiCorp Terraform, and HashiCorp Vault, with plans to release new Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) courses in the short-term. We also have monthly and annual memberships available, which includes access to all Skylines Academy courses and supplementary study material including: Study Guides, Practice Questions, and other helpful documentation.  

Skylines Academy has over 50k students from all over the world and we’re seeing excellent results on people achieving certifications from all of our courses.