Are you a new speaker?

Never spoken before?

Already involved in the community?

Available every fortnight?

Scottish Summit has been built on diversity and equal opportunity. 

We are working towards reducing barriers for speakers, and to that end we have created a track specifically for New Speakers. We currently have eight slots specifically for new speakers, and we would love to increase that number with the help of some community mentors.

We know that speaking at events can be difficult due to financial and time constraints, but with our virtual event it doesn’t matter where you’re based, and there’s no travel involved! We hope this makes it easier for new speakers to take the leap and speak at Scottish Summit 2021. There is no time to travel required, no accommodation costs, and you won’t need to take a week off work.

Our new speakers will be learning from a team of fantastic mentors. We are excited to announce that we have been working with last year’s Keynote speaker Jon Levesque, who has offered to mentor a new speaker in preparation for the event. The other seven spaces have an awesome opportunity to work with Virtual Power Group to help you with your sessions and technique, and help you to build your confidence to deliver your session.

Listen to Mark & Iain have a chat about it (below) and keep and eye on social media for more information .

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